We fully understand and value the importance of

Employee-Employer relationship. 

We are experienced in the Human Resources (HR) field, well-versed with employing tools and resources that have driven positive change in profitable corporations.

We offer services and support for small to mid-size businesses seeking to launch or refresh business HR needs.

We offer services and support for leaders/executives seeking to resolve HR workplace problems, or strengthen the relationship by rebuilding trust with their workforce teams.

Consider The HR Plug a critical component to ensuring your business fosters an environment of mutual respect and trust.  Our mission supports the message that your Company values its people. We are well equipped to help transform workplace chaos into rewarding workplace cultures.

We also provide services to support employees who are facing challenges in their workplace, and need guidance from a knowledgeable HR resource outside of their organization.  Or, perhaps you’re an employee trying to navigate your career and need some assistance figuring out workplace politics- we can help.


Meet Our Founder

LaShawn Davis is a mastermind in transforming dysfunctional workplace cultures into an ideal place to work. Her personalized strategies work to create profitable business, produce productive employees, and build engaged teams.


Because employees are a valuable asset, LaShawn makes it her mission to work with Companies to design and define solutions that maintain mutual respect in the workplace between employers and employees.

Embracing her role as The Workplace Fixer, LaShawn founded The HR Plug and created a Podcast called Workplace Chronicles, in which she answers HR questions and gives advice to those facing workplace challenges.

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