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Refill Your CUP


A Gallup poll uncovered an alarming statistic: 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs. Several factors lead to employee dissatisfaction, ultimately resulting in dysfunction. 

The HR Plug works to understand your HR business or individual needs to offer cost efficient resources that reignite your spark and create collaborative working relations. We offer solutions where
employees and employers are empowered to achieve common goals and objectives.

Allow us to declutter and dissolve the mounding issues and help you win in the workplace again.



Corporations: We help organizations pivot from outdated leadership practices and philosophies that no longer serve employee needs. We help leaders learn how to intentionally show employees that they matter, and their managers appreciate their work.
Small Businesses: We support progressive companies, and visionary leaders authentically express their employer brand to have the distinction, credibility, and build an inclusive workplace culture to attract and retain ideal employees and customers.

Employees: You need to feel vital as a member of your team as an individual, while eager to be part of something larger this is a hard balance to strike, but it is essential. We help you plug into your potential. We offer a new perspective to your problem-solving needs, educating you with how to advocate for yourself in the workplace.

Leaders: We provide additional resource to support leaders strengthen their skills relative to people-management and team interactions.

Community: We understand those who work in public service have it painstakingly hard at times when it comes to HR operations and training, preparing students for entering the workforce, or operating a non-profit organization. We will work with you and explore ways to support your social cause offering HR support to help drive your mission and purpose.


Work with us to use our C.U.P. methodology and focus on the vital areas that impact the overall
employee experience. No longer are the days when employees exhibit undying loyalty to companies by
working until retirement for the same employer. Employers must accept that it is now their
responsibility to operate with a heart of commitment and compassion and show devotion to employees
in ways they’ve never before.
The great news is, we can help with this- it’s our specialty!



Your performance is only as good as your least-motivated team member.


We incite energy back into the workplace by creating sustainable supportive environments.


We provide the tools to rebuild and transform your workplace culture experience.


We offer:

  • Workplace Risk Assessments

  • Action Planning & Execution

  • Workforce Engagement Strategies

  •  HR Guidance & Advice

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HR help professionals find time and space to disconnect and recharge to
deliver quality support for the business. Defer to our experts when the need runs urgent, your HR
manager’s plate is full, or you need to outsource particular HR projects.


We offer:

  • HR Support Subscription Services

  • Workplace Communications

  • HR Partner for HR Teams

  • HR Leadership Coaching

  • HR Workshops and Training for HR Professionals



Employees working in an organization should feel connected to their work,
feeling a sense of pride and purpose in their contribution to the greater result.


To help with this, we offer:

  • Training Workshops & Facilitation

  • Leadership Cultivation &Development

  • Career Navigation

  • Resume Review & Writing

  • Interview Prep & Practice

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