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Take The CUP with us

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We focus on three flagship areas that directly relate to the employee experience
in the workplace:

1. CULTURE: We believe an organization's culture is a direct reflection of the leadership. The workplace culture is the environment created by what we celebrate or tolerate when taking care of the people who keep the business moving. 

2. UNPLUG: We believe HR professionals are the gatekeepers to workplace culture. Because HR is a resource for humans, the demand for their attention and time has become overwhelmingly exhaustive. We help HR professionals intentionally UNPLUG to have vibrant energy and learn to be purposeful with rest, balance, and routine self-care regimens. 

3. PURPOSE: We believe operating a business with a people-centered focus will become a non-negotiable factor for business sustainability. Employees feel connected to the organization when they find purpose in what they do. Because engagement directly affects retention, we help companies boost employee engagement levels to reduce turnover, which can be highly costly for employers. 

Alignment in these areas will seamlessly transform dysfunctional workplace chaos into rewarding places to work. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency—while constructing a healthy company culture—is what we do best.

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