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HR Refresh

Are you hurtling into a brick wall every day with only the traditional methods of conflict resolution at your disposal? Is there mistrust and toxicity that prevails, even after you implement campaigns and one-on-one meetings? It’s time to hit “refresh”.

We bring a new perspective to your problem-solving needs. From preventative workshops to training courses catered to your company’s needs, we have engaging options for your employees’ professional development.


They will learn to think critically about how their actions influence the atmosphere of the group and learn to advocate for themselves while honoring accuracy and company values.


Rather than preaching or suppressing, we encourage employees to play a role in establishing sustainable group norms so that everyone feels acknowledged and ready to work.

HR Rebrand

We help you resolve age-old problems of interpersonal collaboration. We help you navigate the more sensitive issues that have recently rocked the business world. We ensure your HR forms & policies are current and inclusive and your practices are measurable and well-defined.


Our team is dedicated to helping you maximize the potential of each individual on your team.

Our results will support you to deliver exceptional work to customers while presenting a united force of talent behind the scenes. We will nurture genuine tolerance and collaboration on your team so that the robust dynamic shines through.


Ethically-conscious customers want to see companies that promote respect and open-mindedness in the workplace, and we nudge this into the spotlight for you. Together, we can make your brand gleam afresh.

HR Rebuild

One shot of concentrated espresso, coming right up! After an ugly conflict or a major restructuring of your team, a good jolt of energy is what you need. Recover from the stress of the past. Capitalize on the present team.

Uniting a team again requires the hard work of instilling confidence in a shared vision and in developing unique roles for everyone on board. Feeling at once vital to the team as an individual while eager to be part of something larger—this is a hard balance to strike, but it is essential.

Your performance is only as good as your least-motivated team member. We galvanize everyone by creating a supportive environment that lasts. We hand you the tools you need to rebuild and transform your workplace.

HR Remote

Without the capacities of a large corporation, your business may be disproportionately harmed by interpersonal conflicts. From the time they take root, these conflicts may be greedily devouring a good portion of your resources. Stunting your growth. Poisoning morale. Who says you have to handle them in-house?

Over the past year, The HR Plug has been investing in a better experience for users of our virtual support. Defer to our experts when the need runs urgent, and we will work to speedily resolve your issues.


Staying lean in the business scene means discarding costs you don’t need to incur. We stick around for as long as you need. There is no commitment to full-time pay required from you. Just communicate by virtual channels what conflict needs resolving, and our experienced staff will devise a plan for you.

Building Communities:
Nonprofit, Education and Faith-Based Support

We plug into communities!

We understand those who work in these industries have it painstakingly hard at times when it comes to training volunteers, educating students, or building Kingdom Leaders for Kingdom work.


For nonprofit organizations, we will work with you and explore ways to support your event. Some examples of ways to partner include hosting an HR workshops, speaking at events tailored to building the community workforce through enhance skills (e.g. resumes, interviews etc.), trainings, or service.


For education, LaShawn has a story to tell about her remarkable journey, offering lessons to students about social emotional learning. We will speak to your students, facilitate interaction workshops, help prepare resumes and prepare for job interviews for overall preparedness for entering the workforce.


For Faith-Based Support, we offer training support programs for Kingdom leaders and are available for speaking engagements at your conference or event on varying topics encompassing the HR and business world.

We love supporting those who support our communities.

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