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HR Rebuild
workplace assessments

We are your partners.

Are performance results just not where you’d like them to be? Conflicting personalities causing disruption on the team? Or maybe your team is just complacent, and from the surface things look fine but something just seems bit “off.”


Whatever is happening causing you frustration or disappointment, The HR Plug will get deep into the trenches to assess your situation, and provide a detailed summary of the root cause issue creating the problem.

The HR Plug will interact with your employees to understand their needs while assessing areas of vulnerability within the workforce.  As a business partner, the HR Plug will gauge your work environment and strategize potential solutions to drive culture change.


There are several different strategies and techniques we put into practice to accomplish the thorough assessment. The process is tailored to your company industry and unique situation. Together, we will partner to work through the kinks and identify what workplace challenges are limiting your ability achieve desired outcomes.

workforce engagement strategies

We are creative planners.


Allow our firm to plan your engagement activities and alleviate the task from you, while ensuring the team has budget-friendly activities for celebratory occasions throughout the year. With this service, we can provide:

  • Quarterly Calendar of Events

  • Dedicated Sponsor to Lead Employee Engagement Committee

  • Social Media Employee-Focused Designs

  • Workplace Messaging Campaigns

  • 365 Day Calendar of Events

  • Employee Recognition Programs

  • Employee Wellness Programs

  • Other Customized Needs Determined


The HR Plug works to understand the needs of your employees and will offer cost efficient resources and solutions or programs that might reignite the spark, giving employees a sense of “team” that is aligned to achieve common goals and objectives.

client feedback

“The HR Plug performed a workplace assessment of my manufacturing plant. They quickly discovered items that were major pain points for the team, but easy fixes for leadership, resulting in quick wins for everyone. After this process, there were a lot of learnings for me and my leaders, and it was overall refreshing and rewarding experience.”

-James A., Senior Director of Manufacturing Operations

Construction Manager
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