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The HR Plug is a Human Resources (HR) consultancy firm that provides innovative solutions to help individuals and companies pivot and adapt to what the future of work requires- healthy, collaborative ways of working.




40% of employees would be willing to work harder in their roles if they were happier at work.
(Human Capital Institute)


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About THE HR PLUG Consultancy Firm

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Our Approach is Authentic.

The HR Plug is centered on the premise to work with companies that value the employer-employee relationship. We are highly experienced and fully adept in strengthening workplace relationships for
positive growth. We work with clients who understand they must care about the well-being of the employees trusted to keep the business afloat.

Our clients have a desire to maintain collaborative working relationships with their teams. Our propriety processes provide inspiration, training, and resources using proven methodologies and strategies that
work to create a profitable business, produce productive employees, and build engaged teams.

"Companies with a thriving corporate culture and superior employee experiences are 13x more likely to have engaged employees". (OC Tanner)

How Does              Operate? 


When it comes to positive employee relations, we are uniquely qualified to support our clients define, discover, and design solutions to transform dysfunctional workplace cultures, support HR professionals’ wellbeing, and help employees remain focused, positive, and productive.

Our dedicated team are obsessive workplace-health advocates, ready to customize solutions with our proven strategies to cultivate inclusive environments where people feel valued, heard, and connected.


Employee Advocates. Workplace Activists.


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Our founder LaShawn Davis is a Workplace Culture Architect known for being a creative, out-of-the-box thinker and a business-savvy, people-centered leader. Affectionately known as, “The Workplace Fixer” she founded The HR Plug to serve as the solution to transform dysfunctional workplace cultures into rewarding places to work. The HR Plug is an HR service company specializing in helping people and organizations break old habits, shift mindsets, and reimagine their professional brand to create connectivity with the most valuable asset in business- employees.

She launched The HR Plug as an innovative platform to encourage and teach employees how to advocate for fair and equitable treatment at work and work with leaders and organizations to prioritize creating workplace cultures that demonstrate inclusive employee engagement practices. “It is deeply important for me to provide a safe space for the self-aware employers who may not have it all right but want to get it right.”

LaShawn Davis, Founder of The HR Plug

To learn more about LaShawn, her purpose, and calling visit:


What PEOPLE SAY About Us

We work with a lot of people and various organizations. Some are clients; some are volunteers; some are students, and other colleagues, employers, and leaders. Regardless of how you become acquainted with The HR Plug, you become our forever partner.

We firmly believe that relationships are the heartbeats of the world. The interactions among each other help to reveal and connect purpose; And when purposes connect, innovative solutions unravel.

Here’s what some of our innovative partners shared about working with us:


“The HR Plug performed an assessment of my manufacturing plant.
The consultant was able to discover items that were major pain points for the team and provide solutions to take quick action which resulted in quick wins for everyone. After this process, there were a lot of learnings for me and my leaders, and it was overall refreshing and rewarding experience.”

James A. - Senior Director of Manufacturing Operations

“I had the privilege to partner with The HR Plug on projects where the consultants were tasked to build
tiered action plans based on employee and leadership feedback. Our company partnered with
The HR Plug and saw first-hand exemplary leadership, tactical problem-solving IQs, and an innate ability to connect, collaborate, and move towards sustainable solutions. The entire team’s personable demeanor won hearts and minds to fix problems and gain buy-in for ideal outcomes.”

Nekeya N. - CEO, The Labor Pros


“The HR Plug did amazing work on two different resumes for me. Both resumes landed me interviews. I then booked the interview preparation services and received two job offers. Learning how to leverage my strengths during the interview really helped build my confidence which allowed me to interview with ease. I am so appreciative of this untraditional career coaching service because it helped align me to
roles better suited for my interest.”

Lamont A. - Pharmacist

“The HR Plug offered support beyond my expectations. The monthly support I receive helps me to ensure the decisions I make are compliant with HR standards. Having an on-demand resource like this is
priceless and more affordable than paying an 80k+ salaried HR person as I hire my staff for my small budding business. I’ve learned so much about managing my business more efficiently by taking care of my people.”

Tammy P. - Owner, Nature’s Table Café


“I work with The HR Plug for all of my copywriting needs for employee communications dealing with sensitive topics or issues. Her skilled writing is simple, straight-forward yet concise. She has provided effective talking points which has helped me, and my teams communicate mindfully during the most
challenging workplace situations. What might take me hours to write, she can turn around and complete in no time, and do it in a way that’s relatable to the audience.”

Tracy N. - Global Sr. Director, Human Resources


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