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training workshops & facilitation

We build teams.

Your business success relies heavily on the work results and attitudes of the people who represent your business brand- your employees.  Employees are the face of your Company; they can impact relationships with your customers, vendors, the community, and other members of the team.


Generally employees do not leave that Company, they leave their manager. The HR Plug will strategically design customized training and programs that will support developing a productive workforce. 

Our firm offers group teaching, trainings, workshops and master classes on several different subjects to as introductory learnings or to refresh skillsets. Our interactive trainings are customized to suit your individual business needs.


Participants of our sessions leave not just informed, but engaged and empowered to be a stronger performer in the area of focus.

leadership coaching & development

We build leaders.


Often times, people are promoted into leadership roles because of industry or job knowledge. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are equipped or prepared to execute the balance required when leading a team of employees in their new role.


A Leadership Coach is an additional resource to support leaders strengthen their skills relative to people-management and team interactions. This is critically important, especially in scenarios where someone promotes from an individual contributor role, to leading others (including people who were formally peers) to deliver team results. 

There’s a whole different dynamic involved during this transition. Our Leadership Coaching sessions will cover all the basics and more to ensure the leader is positioned for success.

compliance training

We build awareness.


Employees remain engaged when they are recognized for their talents, and stretched to grow and further develop. We offer a variety of developmental trainings on varying topics such as Coaching, Performance Management, and Diversity and Inclusion.


We also specialize in preventative trainings and programs such as workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and workplace awareness campaigns.

speaking engagements

We are voice of influence.


It can be challenging to find the right speaker for your event. With so many diverse people, so many different learning and engagement styles. Our founder, LaShawn Davis is able to authentically connect with audiences (big and small) and would be delighted to speak and your upcoming conference, workshop or panel event.

LaShawn is prepared to tailor her message of influence, instruction or inspiration to meet your desired goals and outcomes.

client feedback

"LaShawn's ability to draw you in with her story and entice audience participation is such a powerful experience. Beyond HR tools, she knows how to connect with your pain points and give real solutions. She's a true expert at what she speaks and leaves the audience wanting more. Even her takeaways show how much she cares about truly helping her audience."

-Melissa W., Director of Operations

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