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HR Rebrand
hr policy & form creation

We are your developers.

The HR Plug will develop strategies to create or redevelop:

  • Company branding (logos, slogans, hashtags etc.)

  • Handbook or Policy creation or revisions

  • HR Form development (performance appraisal, job application, employee acknowledgement etc.)

  • Organizational structure redesign and development

  • New business startup support 

We provide the support to ensure your policies are current and inclusive and your practices are measurable and well-defined. What will those who work for you or utilize your services say about their experience with your Company?


Learn how to leave positive lasting impressions.

action planning & execution

We are action planners.


Received unfavorable annual survey results back from your employees? Or, has a third-party administered a questionnaire and now you’re stuck with a whole pile of problematic data, and not sure where to even begin?

There are several agency’s out there who can diagnose problems – in fact, this is one of them.  However, here, we take it up a notch and spend time helping you devise a plan of action to tackle troublesome areas. 


We will identify the quick wins that will help rebuild and regain trust, and work through a tiered plan of action to execute change based on discovered challenges.

client feedback

“I had the privilege to partner with LaShawn on projects where she was tasked to build tiered action plans based on employee and leadership feedback. LaShawn exemplified leadership, has a tactical problem-solving IQ, and an innate ability to connect and move towards solutions. Her personable demeanor wins hearts and minds which makers her a successful influencer to fix problems and gain buy-in for ideal outcomes.”

-Nekeya N. CEO

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