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imperfectly essential

Our Imperfections Make Us Perfect.

You are special and you have what it takes to shine!

Not even one of us is completely perfect.


We all have our flaws, our shortcomings, and our personality traits that we would prefer to live without. And sometimes, these detractors make us feel less than or inept.

But they do not define us.


In fact, we here at Imperfectly Essential would argue that your imperfections are precisely what make you perfect – perfect for that special someone, or perfect for that one, great task.

Make sure you love yourself today, too!

Imperfectly Essential aims to help you focus on your calling, and not on your shortcomings.


A magazine sharing real stories of real people who embraced and leveraged their imperfections to attain success.


It’s time to let go of the obsession on our flaws.


Let’s work together to elevate what makes us unique, what makes us talented, and what makes us perfect for the situations we find ourselves in.

Want to be featured in our upcoming magazine launch?

Let us celebrate YOU, with you!

Tell us your inspiring story of how you released insecurities and unleashed your inner gem.

We provide people like you with the tools, resources, and content you need to feel invigorated.

Imperfectly Essential.

Our self-titled book, "I Am Imperfectly Essential: Declarations Affirming Your Value in the Workplace As Leaders," is designed to shine a light on your professional value.

The book is written with wit, brevity, and impact, making it an easy read for those fleeting moments between meetings.

When your workday is devolving into chaos, or when you feel so overwhelmed you can’t imagine how you’ll see tomorrow, take a deep breath.


Budget 15 minutes of private time. Open our book to the relatable declaration. Then dive in.

This piece of helpful literature will uplift and inspire you.

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