I Am Imperfectly Essential Book

I Am Imperfectly Essential Book


Ever sit in the parking lot, dreading to walk into the building for work but know you have to because you've got bills to pay?


Pre Order our self-titled book, “I Am Imperfectly Essential: Declarations Affirming Your Value in the Workplace as Leaders,” designed to shine a light on your professional value and why it's important to get out of the car!


As leaders, we don't  often  get accolades or pats on the back, but  the work that we do- that YOU do is quite impactful.


It’s important to recall from time to time why it is we’re the leader for the job. And amid stress and tight deadlines, that can be challenging. “I Am Perfectly Essential”, can be your mantra for success when the going gets rough. And you can pre-order now for only $14!

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